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kapuas hulu

Explore the amazing and beautiful Kapuas Hulu in the middle of Kalimantan that offers spectacular natural wonders, from the lush conservation rainforest of Betung Karihun National Park to the unique wonder of Danau (Lake) Sentarum National Park, which is also famous for its high-quality forest honey. UNESCO has acknowledged Betung Kerihun National Park, Danau Sentarum National Park, and Kapuas Hulu District as the Betung Kerihun-Danau Sentarum-Kapuas Hulu Biosphere Reserve. As a Biosphere Reserve, Danau Sentarum National Park is home to many types of wild flowers and plants, all of which provide natural and rich nectar for the Apis Dorsata bees to feed on. As a result, the Kapuas Hulu forest honey is immensely rich in natural ingredients, taste, color, and texture. From the wonderful forest, comes the wonderful honey.

Wild, Natural Forest Honey

Kapuas Forest Honey is harvested from Apis Dorsata or the Giant Asian Honeybee, using a special and unique method called Tikung by the local Malays and Dayaks living in the vicinity of Danau Sentarum National Park. This proven method is able to help maintaining the bees and forest ecosystem in the area. The presence of Apis Dorsata bees is a health indicator of the forest ecosystem. By preserving the forest ecosystem, the beekeepers ensure sustainable forest honey production.

Processed at the Origin

Sentarum Lake in Kapuas Hulu offers astounding varieties of plant and that means very busy, very happy bees. The unique biodiversity around the forest creates a special Kapuas honey that's sophisticated in flavor; sweet, caramelized, and smooth with a pure finish. We gather our honey from Apis Dorsata bees, which feed freely on the nectar of wild flowers and plants throughout the national park, harvest it ethically, and treat it minimally to retain its high nutrition levels.

Empowering the Locals

Someone says, to walk in the forest is to witness a thousand miracles, And Kapuas Hulu’s forest honey is such a miracle. To ensure that natural miracle be with us for the years to come, forest protection is the key. It will lead to a sustainable natural resource management that helps keep honey productivity high. Joining forces with the local communities, government and NGO Partners, we are committed to implementing action plans for development of forest honey, starting with promoting a healthy ecosystem built by conserving the existing natural forest and maintaining the quality of both the bees and the honey.

Kapuas’ Best Pick

Treat yourself to the sweet, caramelized taste of wild natural honey that brings its benefits directly from the Kapuas Hulu forest.