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About Kerinci

Located on the island of Sumatra, Kerinci (Jambi province) is an important center for global Cinnamon production as well as the home of Indonesia’s highest volcano and one of the few remaining pockets of habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran tiger.

Cinnamons from Kerinci, Jambi

80 to 85% of cinnamon worldwide comes from Indonesia. Most of it grows in one unique are on the island of Sumatra, called Kerinci(Jambi province). Kerinci cinnamon is known for its high-quality raw material,including its high oil percentage.

Processed at the Origin

Cinnamon is harvested every 10 to 15 years, the earliest the first harvest can take place is eight years after planting. In the deep green forests of Jambi Province, the cinnamon farmers use machetes to peel off the bark of the cinnamon trees. Cinnamon bark is then laid out to dry before being further processed.

Empowering the Locals

Cinnamon from Kerinci (Jambi province) is popular because of its high volatile content. Cinnamon farmers are part of a sustainable forest management system implemented by the community to improve their welfare, environmental balance, and social dynamics.

Jambi’s Best Pick

Natural air freshener spray, a full-bodied scent of rich spicy cinnamon.