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Populated with both Riau Malay and Minang people living side by side in harmony, Kuantan Singingi or Kuansing embraces a unique cultural diversity. Kuansing’s famous several-hundred-years-old cultural event is Pacu Jalur, a 25 to 40-m boat competition held every August, with 40 to 60 crews in each boat. Another trademark of Kuansing is the Kuansing forest honey, which is produced by Apis Dorsata bee of the region. Kuansing honey industry has been growing rapidly over the years, with an improvement to the welfare of the people and a progressive development of the region.

Certified Organic Forest Honey

Farmed by the locals in the flower forest in Kuansing, this golden liquid is 100% certified and contains natural vitamins and minerals that can maintain our health and wellbeing. Giant bees or Apis Dorsata make new beehive every year and wild honey gathering becomes a very sustainable activity for the villagers in Kuansing.

Processed at the Origin

Knowing exactly where each honey variant originates is important when it comes to assessing quality and authenticity. We partner with a selection of small apiaries to deliver high-quality forest honey from Kuansing. This means there is no polluted road or chemically-fertilized field around our bee hives. We believe that the clearer the air, the purer the honey.

Empowering the Locals

For generations, the locals in Kuantan Singingi, Riau, has held Sialang tree with special values for the tree is favored by wild bees as the sites for their beehives. Furthermore, Sialang Honey has been known as the main resource of income for the locals living around the forest, which itself has earned organic certification from Indonesia and the United States. To sustain this, we empower the beekeepers to protect their trees and bees, improve production techniques and market their product to a wider audience, ensuring the Sialang Honey business to run well and continuously deliver a high-quality product.

Kuansing’s Best Pick

Collected from the serene and untouched forest in Kuansing, taste this fresh and sweet floral honey!