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For many Sulawesians, Luwu is considered to be the oldest kingdom in Sulawesi, whose people are the ancestors of many Sulawesi kings. It is recorded in I La Galigo, the longest historical epoch ever written which was included in UNESCO's Memory of the World (MOW) in 2012. Aside from its cultural significance, Luwu area is also known for producing high-quality honey from the Trigona bee, which the locals call ketape, kammu or emmu. This stingless bee is very small and has a unique black-colored body. It is able to produce high content of propolis, a lot more than other bees. Luwu’s lush vegetation and the abundantly available Uru trees provide Trigona bees with the best sources of nectar and climate to produce propolis-rich honey, highly recommended for health purposes.

The Propolis- Rich Honey

Luwu Forest Honey is harvested from Apis Trigona bees, which are unique stingless bees. Trigona bees thrive on the nectar of various plants and herbs. The nectar is then stored in their hives, which are made from beeswax and plant resin. Then, it infuses Luwu Honey with the beneficial propolis. As one of the major honey production centers in Indonesia, Luwu has exported their famous Trigona honey to Asia and New Zealand.

Processed at the Origin

Our multifloral honey is sourced from clean and unpopulated environment in remote parts of Luwu forest, free of pollution and other contaminants. The color and delicious flavor of our honey come from various plants that provide Trigona bees with the nectar they love. Pure and rich in propolis, our honey does not undergo any treatment other than clean filtering and blending.

Empowering the Locals

Tiny bees with big power. Our Trigona honey is a special and rare honey from tiny stingless bees. The bees keep the honey in small pots covered with propolis, making it rich with nutritional values. The locals in Luwu build a special "barrack housing" that looks like an unwalled house, with only some columns and long board, where they extract honey from the bee. The long board is used as pad for boxes of bees. In general, each house is filled with up to 20 boxes of bees. We encourage every beekeeper to develop the housing by themselves as it has contributed largely to increase their monthly income.

Luwu’s Best Pick

A high level of propolis makes this honey functions as an effective natural remedy. Take a sip of its unique, sweet-sour flavor and fluid texture.