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Merapi, which literally means “a mountain of fire”, is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta provinces. It is one of (at least) 129 most active volcanoes in Indonesia and frequently erupts for hundreds of years, with the last eruption happening in 2018. Through its eruptions, Merapi spews lava, ashes, and minerals to the surrounding areas, providing the much-needed nutrients for the soil and making the areas very fertile. Therefore, there are plenty of nectar-rich plants, such as Calliandra, that grow in abundance and become the sources of high-quality nectar for the Apis Mellifera bees.

Exotic Calliandra Honey

In the fertile areas of Mount Merapi, the Apis Mellifera bees live and reproduce in beehives, which can be moved to other locations where Calliandra flowers grow. The Calliandra flower honey is highly nutritious with beneficial properties. Calliandra honey has a rich golden color and a distinct floral flavor. This is truly a special, one-of-a-kind honey.

Processed at the Origin

In Mount Merapi, the sun-drenched slope is surrounded by forests and tropical climate, so there's always something in bloom. We set our hives in several farmers' houses at different elevations, so our bees can gather nectar and pollen from Calliandra flowers around the valley. We treat our bees and honey with appreciation and that means no artificial product or chemical used.

Empowering the Locals

With volcanic soils, highlands and a large spread of Calliandra flowers, Mount Merapi has the potential to produce world renowned wild honey. By working with a collective of enthusiastic farmers, we are able to understand their specific needs and ambitions. Through a solid collaboration, our farmers are now able secure better incomes and grow their business for their family and future generations.

Merapi’s Best Pick

Spoil your taste buds with the rich flavor of Calliandra honey, extracted from the nectars of Mount Merapi’s volcanic soil.