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When we set foot in Indonesia’s East where Sumba lies, its treasures are endless. Sumba tells a tale of wilderness and amazes each heart with its captivating cThe natural wonders and riches of Sumba never fail to amaze us. With an area of approximately 11,059.6 square kilometers, the island is popular for its exceptional landscape and stunning sceneries. Nurtured for generations, the land offers one of its best, cashew nuts of supreme quality.ultural history and everlasting beauty.

About Cashew Nuts from Sumba

Finest Cashew Nuts, Wild-Harvested From the Trees. Did you know? The secret of delicious, creamy cashews is in the cultivation process. Our cashews grow in the best area, the mountainous land of Sumba. The nuts are cultivated organically using all-natural fertilizers and wild-harvested by our local farmers at their best conditions.

Processed at the Origin

The Island of Sumba is home to the unique Marapu religion, where the people worship ancestors and natural spirits. Badiono, a true Sumbanese and devoted Marapu believer, rides his horse to work everyday. He preserves his religion consistently by performing traditional ceremonies for his community.

Empowering the Locals

Cashew nuts are the life force of thousands of farmers and plant workers in Sumba, whose craftsmanship can be tasted in every scrumptious bite of Talasi nut. Through our Research and Development Division, we have built intense interaction with the farmers and at this stage, more farming skills are needed to ensure crop health and high yield. Therefore, we are committed to embracing and fueling their communities as well as making them skilled and financially empowered.

Sumba’s Best Pick

Consuming our cashew nuts in its natural state is the perfect way to benefit from its rich nutrients. Try one and see if you can stop!