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About Tabanan, Bali

The regency of Tabanan is known for its natural resources and its technologically innovative developments focusing on the quality of Robusta coffee and the organic process of coffee production.

About Coffee from Tabanan

Balinese coffee is famous for its delicious taste, its strong characterized smell and black color indicating good quality. Tabanan region is one of the largest producers of coffee Bali.

Processed at the Origin

Our processing site is in the middle of traditional village life and we control quality from start to finish.Coffee beans from each farm have unique flavor characteristics that can only be drawn out with a lot of care from quality cherry-picking to processing to coffee roasting. We source high-quality single-origin Robusta coffee beans from Tabanan.

Empowering the Locals

We develop sustainable coffee supply chains with farmers to improve coffee farmers' livelihoods and protect the environment. Collaborate with coffee experts to provide direction for growing coffee with natural methods, without pesticides and good harvesting methods by picking red cherries.

Tabanan’s Best Pick

Natural air freshener spray, a full-bodied scent of roasted coffee.